The Lab


The Quaternary Isotope Paleoecology Lab is housed at UGA's Center for Applied Isotope Studies (CAIS). 


CAIS maintains instrumentation including three Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers: a Finnigan MAT 251 IRMS, Finnigan MAT 252 IRMS, and a Finnigan MAT Delta Plus XL IRMS.

The QUIP Lab has equipment for drilling and sample preparation, including: 3 portable Marathon dental drills for use by lab members sampling in 0.5-1mm increments, centrifuges, ultrasonicator, freeze-driers, and fume hood. An ESI MicroMill for high-resolution sampling of incremental structures has recently been added to our lab.


Undergraduate Students

The QUIP Lab welcomes students who are interested in carrying out reseearch that combines the isotopic analysis of biological materials with questions regarding paleoecology, paleoclimate, paleobiology, and archaeology. These means that undergraduate students from a wide variety of majors-from anthropology and geography to ecology, biology, and geology-may wish toconduct research in the lab. Pictured below is UGA alum Kelly Brown, whose work in the lab was supporrted by a Laerm Award from the Georgia Museum of Natural History.  As a UGA undergrad you can get involved in the lab via the Georgia Museum of Natural History Internship Program or Laerm Award, CURO, or an independent study in Anthropology or Geography. 


Graduate Students

Our lab is growing! If you are interesed in pursuing a graduate degree in Anthropology or Geography, please check out their websites to find out what these departments have to offer as well as application guidelines and requirements. Then, get in touch!