Cognition, Aging, and Functional Independence: Our work  is primarily directed at understanding the inter-related processes of cognition, brain function/dysfunction, and functional independence as we age. We are interested in how cognitive ability and brain function impact functional independence and community tenure. Current studies are focusing on: assessment of executive function and instrumental activities of daily living in community-dwelling elders; functional brain changes in mild cognitive impairment; influence of APOE on aging factors; impact of cognitive interventions on functional independence; and impact of driving training on cognitive abilities. 

Mild concussive injury and cognitive change: Our laboratory is interested in 1) the impact of concussive (mTBI) injury at  acute periods and again in later life on neurocognitive and bioimaging measures. It is our hope to gauge the relative plasticity involved in cognitive function following acute and post acute injury.

Undergraduate Research opportunities: Undergraduate students work within our laboratory on a regular basis in order to get hands on research experience. The Psychology department views these kinds of laboratory experiences as integral to the Psychology major and we encourage all UGA Psychology students to become involved in the many exciting research projects within the Department. In our laboratory, students typically work for 2 or more semesters with graduate students and Dr. Miller on specific projects that are ongoing in the lab. PSYC 4800, 4850, and a variety of Honors experiences including Honors Theses are available. Please visit the Department webpage for more information. Our laboratory also supports students affiliated with the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO), the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP),and the McNair Scholars program.und