Neuropsychology and Memory Assessment Laboratory

The Neuropsychology and Memory Assessment Laboratory supports neurocognitive research in multiple areas, but primarily normal and pathological aging, and concussive injury. Additional studies of caregiver/care recipient interactions, and neuroimaging reliability and validation are also conducted. The laboratory suite boasts multiple neuropsychological assessment tools including all of the major cognitive tests available today (Roholing Interpretive Method, Halstead-Reitan Battery, Benton tests, Wechsler tests, Personality tests, structured interviews). There is a separate interview room, multiple computing/analysis areas for graduate students, as well as psychophysical measurement tools for reaction time, visual perceptual studies, and force manipulation.  Multiple statistical and paradigm development packages including MATLAB, E-Prime, SPSS, and Statview are available.

Bio-Imaging Research Center (BIRC)     MRI

Located in the Paul D. Coverdell Biomedical and Health Sciences Center, the BIRC is a state-of-the-art multi-imaging center serving the entire University community with bio-imaging capabilities. The BIRC houses a GE 3T Magnetic Resonance System, capable of structural and functional MR scanning including functional MR and MR spectroscopy. There is a 7T Varian small bone animal magnet for rodent and other small animal MR imaging. The BIRC also holds and maintains a magnetic encephalography system (MEG) and a high density array 256 channel EEG system and a Maestro small animal and tissue flourescence scanner. Finally, a fully functioning fMR simulator, a mock-up MR scanner is available for paradigm development and subject training. Imaging processing tools include BESA, Curry, SPM, AFNI, MATLAB, and E-Prime.