Current Lab Members

small_picture-2-1356096554.jpg​ Vasant Muralidharan, Principal Investigator 

PhD, The Rockefeller University.

The PI can be found wandering the halls of the Coverdell Center, usually between his office and his lab. When he's not too busy driving everyone in the lab up the walls, he can be found tinkering with stuff in the lab muttering to himself. Approach with caution.


Heather Bishop, Graduate Student 

BS, Southern Polytechnic State University.

Heather aka Hector Butter is the first adventurous graduate student to join the lab. She loves to take notes to prove that the 'PI' told her it was a good idea at the time! When she's not too busy worrying about something, she's worrying about something else. Heather wants to know the role of the endoplasmic reticulum in ensuring proper targeting of trafficked proteins and parasite stress responses.


David Cobb, Graduate Student

BS, Mercer University


Manuel Fierro, Graduate Student

BS, University of Georgia


Anat_0.jpegAnat Florentin, Postdoctoral Associate 

PhD, Weizmann Institute of Science.

A brave Drosophila biologist, she has plunged into the tool-less world of Plasmodium research. Anat wants to develop and apply genome-scale tools to decipher the environmental cues that drive parasite biology.



Lab Alumni

Paul Kim, Research Volunteer

Michelle Krakowiak, Research Technician (2013-2016)

Nathan Howell, Undergraduate Researcher (Fall 2013- Spring 2015)

Jillian Fishburn, Research Professional II (2012-2014)

Angelica Forero, Undergraduate Researcher (Fall 2013- Spring 2014)

Kristen Bascombe, Undergraduate Researcher (Fall 2013- Spring 2014)

Brandon Sims, Undergraduate Researcher (Fall 2014- Spring 2015)