Jake Lulewicz lecture at Fernbank Museum of Natural History


Jake Lulewicz will be delivering a public lecture sponsored by the Greater Atlanta Archaeological Society on Tuesday January 10, 6:30 pm at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta.

Title:  Social Networks and Deep History in Southern Appalachian Sociopolitics, A.D. 800-1600

Summary:  With the modern-day use of social media, it has become blatantly clear that social change, revolutions, political transformations, and economic cycles are intimately tied to, and indeed may develop through, social networks. Social networks contextualize and shape these events by both constraining and providing the means through which information is spread or ideas and information are rejected. While today we recognize the power of Facebook and Twitter in shaping social movements, many of these principles can also be used to understand how social and political events transpired in the past. Using analytical methods developed for the assessment of modern day social networks, I consider the archaeological record of Southern Appalachia with a particular eye towards the transformative power of relationships and connections between people, communities, and even regions. By illuminating the shape and structure of these social networks, the political and economic events of the deep past may begin to provide valuable insight into today's world.