Investigating the Human Experience

Researchers and faculty in the Multiscalar Archaeologies (MAIES) lab are united by a common desire to understand how the lived experiences of individuals and communities articulate with broad-scale trends in human history. Accomplishing this aim requires the adoption of an explicitly multi-scalar approach to archaeological research. We employ a range of archaeological methodologies, including Bayesian chronological modelling of radiocarbon dates, elemental characterization, social network analysis, and settlement pattern studies. Theoretically, we draw from conceptual frameworks informed by practice theory,  communities of practice,  theories of the built environment, settlement archaeology, world-systems theory, and a host of complementary perspectives. 

Current lab projects include:

  • Chronological modelling and reevaluating contact-era histories
  • Pan-regional social network analysis
  • Geophysical and geochemical investigations of household and community patterns
  • Investigations of the social impacts and outcomes of conflict
  • Reconstruction of the occupational histories of communities and regions