Ana Maria Moldoveanu

Bridget Lynch, Ph.D

Eric Lankford, Masters Student, University of Georgia

Evander Baker: Masters in Public Health, Washington University in St. Louis, now working at the CDC in Atlanta

Hope Arnold, M.D. Student, Emory Medical School

Ivey McCartney

Jacob Young

Jerica Bornstein, Ph.D Student, University of Texas

Katya Fernandez: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology , Washington University in St. Louis, currently a post-doctoral fellow at UC Berkeley

Kelsie Walker

Kristina Fredericksen, Masters Student, Georgia State University Rehabilitation Counseling Program

Lane Siedor, Ph.D. Student, University of Georgia I/O Psychology Program

Lauren Noxel

Molly Minnen

Paul Moon: M.S. in Experimental Psychology, Wake Forest University

Rachel Momaya

Raha Sabet, Ph.D. Student, Miami University Counseling Program, previously Research Assistant for Center for Child and Family Policy, Duke University

Rebecca Miller: M.D., University of California, San Francisco

Sahar Sabet

Sarah Kirschbaum

Savannah Boyd, Research Assistant, Vanderbilt Medical Center

Sierra Corbin

Sophia Huynh

Stephanie Downey: Ph.D. Student, University of Georgia I/O Psychology Program

Stephanie Freeman

Sylvia Hjertstrom

Trent Mize, Ph.D. Student, University of Indiana Sociology Program

Wojciech Kaczkowski: M. S. in Experimental Psychology at Wake Forest University