W. Keith Campbell


W. Keith Campbell, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized expert on narcissism, society and generational change. His work and lectures expose the rise of narcissism – and individualism more generally – and its influence on every level of society.

Graduate Students

Jessica McCain


Lane Siedor


Michael Snell (Lab Manager)


Michael is a Ph.D. Student whose research explores the the growing prevalence of computer mediation in the day to day activities of modern humans, and the impacts of this "domain shift" on behavior, personality, health, and society. In addition to his roles as student and researcher, Michael serves on the regional board of the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students, is Vice President of UGA's graduate student body, and a teaching assistant for Dr. Adam Goodie's Introduction to Psychology course for undergraduates.  

Paul Weiler


Undergraduate Students

Reese Antwine (Lab Assistant)


Catherine Coakley

Elyse Sheldon

Cassandra Alvarez