Current Funding

nsf.pngThe evolution of the Worldwide Leaf Economic Spectrum (WLES) in Helianthus
Lisa A. Donovan, Russell L. Malmberg
NSF IOS Physiological and structural systems



Pending Funding

nsf.pngFrom Topology to 3D Conformation: Ab Initio Prediction of RNA Tertiary Structure
Ying Xu, Liming Cai, Russell L. Malmberg
NSF-NIH DMS Mathematical Biology


nih.pngEffective Detection of Non-coding RNAs by Novel Structural Measures
Liming Cai, Russell L. Malmberg
NIH Innovations In Biomedical Computational Science and Technology


nsf.pngPlant Sex and Insect Corpses, the Genetic Basis of Insectivory in Sarracenia
Russell L. Malmberg, Jennifer Cruse-Sanders