Everyone involved with LaSSI has been fully trained in experimental methods and in working ethically with human subjects. Those interested in becoming involved as researchers in the laboratory must become equally prepared through the Experimental Research in Sociology course, a semester-long training seminar offered through the department of Sociology. Taught by the co-directors of the laboratory, this class is a non-traditional format course of lecture and practical experience. Interested students may submit an application to the lab manager, Malissa Alinor.

Athena's course catalog description for the class is as follows:

Course ID: SOCI 4930/6930. 3 hours. 1 hours lecture and 5 hours lab per week.
Course Title: Experimental Research in Sociology
Course Description: An experimental research methods course emphasizing hands-on experience in the lab. Readings and weekly seminar meetings focus on ethics in human research, sociological theories of social interaction, experimental design, experimental procedures, data interpretation, and scholarly writing. Students will work in collaborative teams to conduct original research in the Laboratory for the Study of Social Interaction.
Nontraditional Format: This course is part seminar and part practicum format. One hour per week will be spent in lecture/seminar. Students will also spend approximately five hours per week in research related tasks in the lab. In addition to these activities, students will be expected to participate in regular lab meetings, trainings, and research presentations. Students will be expected to spend approximately 12 hours a week in course- related activities, including lectures, discussions, trainings, collecting and processing data, and independent scholarship.
Undergraduate Prerequisite: Permission of department
Graduate Prerequisite: Permission of department
Semester Course Offered: Offered fall semester every year.
Grading System: A-F (Traditional)