How do you get parents' names?
We get names from the birth listings in the Athens newspaper, and then we look up phone numbers in the white pages online. All names are kept confidential, and names can be removed from our database if so desired.

Can I bring my other children?
Yes. We have a play area with books and toys, and we will have an extra person who can play with them.

What if my baby gets fussy?
We can stop or take a break if your baby gets fussy or hungry. Parents and babies are not separated at any time, and you can tell us if you want to take a break or stop.

What do you do with the results?
After we complete the study, we will analyze the data and write this study up into a report, which will be presented at a professional conference and eventually published in a psychology journal. However, most results are for groups of infants (based on infants' age), and no individual baby is ever identified.