Welcome to ICLSM

In the era of big data, increasingly sizeable datasets come from social media, particularly location-based social media, in the form that is widely known as user-generated contents. Many social media datasets are made available at the finest spatial and temporal scales. The availability of such data creates unprecedented opportunities for researchers to uncover what were previously hidden in the era of small data. What kind of new research questions may be addressed with the available social media data? What are the social, ethical, and political implications of the wide use of social media platforms and the availability of such data? Particularly, what can geographers, GIScientists, and social scientists in general, contribute in response to the unique research opportunities and challenges with social media data?

This conference is designed to bring together researchers from various fields and perspectives to share ideas and findings of their research related to social media data. The aim is to provide a forum for participants to reflect upon what has been accomplished and to discuss what can be pursued in the future. We look forward to your participation!

You can download the conference call here.