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Arnold Lab - Fungal genomes, systems biology of clocks
Bensasson Lab - Genome bioinformatics, ecological and evolutionary genomics of yeast
Brewer Lab - Evolution and genetics of plant pathogenic fungi
Garfinkel Lab - Retrotransposition in yeast
Glenn Lab - Endophytic fungi and their interactions with hosts, Fusarium verticilliodes, Neotyphodium coenophialum
Gold Lab - Molecular biology of plant-fungal pathogen interactions, Ustilago maydis
Hall Lab - Mathematical models of evolution and experimental evolution in yeast
Khang Lab - Cellular and molecular biology of plant-fungal interactions, fungal effectors and nutrient uptake, rice and Magnaporthe oryzae
Lewis Lab - Chromatin Structure and Function in Neurospora crassa
Lin Lab - Pathogenesis and development of human fungal pathogens 
Kozubowski Lab (Clemson University) - Cell/developmental biology and microbial pathogenesis of Cryptococcus neoformans
McEachern Lab - Telomeres in yeast
Mitchell Labimpact of natural genomic variation on pathogenicity and regulation of Candida
Momany Lab - Polarity, cell wall and cell cycle in Aspergillus nidulans and A. fumigatus
Scherm Lab - Diseases of fruit crops
Schmidt Lab - Biosynthesis of isoprenylated signaling molecules in S. cerevisiae
Starai Lab - Membrane fusion in yeast