Project Safe - Dancing with the Athens Stars
A dance show like no other! 10 teams comprised of local “stars” matched with dance instructors compete on the big stage at the Classic Center. 

Iris Place
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Diversity Through Dance
This workshop combines movement, interactive group discussion, hands-on activities, and lecture to immerse us in embodied practices of cultural diversity. We will come to see and feel the ancient art of dance for what it is at its deepest roots: a vehicle for building human connection through kinesthetic empathy. If we move in sync, we feel in sync.

UGA Tango Club
The UGA tango club’s mission is to foster cultural diversity in the UGA and Athens community as well as promote cross-cultural integration of its different members through the Argentinean Tango dance support UGA student organizations and community groups through dance performances.

Private Dance Lessons
If you are looking for one-on-one or couples instruction to learn or perfect a dance, a private lesson will give you more confidence.

Other Service Work
A listing of other service events I have participated in.