Dr. Davis Curriculum Vitae

Melissa B. Davis, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Genetics University of Georgia

Georgia Regents University / University of Georgia Medical Partnership

Davison Life Science Complex B406 (lab) B408A (office)

120 East Green St 

Athens, GA 30602


Personal Data

Home address:

 564 Stratford Parkway

Winder, GA 30680

Place of birth:  

Albany, Georgia, USA


United States of America



Albany State University; Albany, GA                                                                1992-1996

Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences, Cum Laude                           May 1996


University of Georgia, Athens, GA                                                     1997-2003

Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics                                                                           August 2003

Dissertation Advisor: Michael Bender, PhD, Department of Genetics

Dissertation Title: “Elucidation of Steroid Receptor Isoform Specific Function during Drosophila Development”


Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT               2003-2006

Department of Human Genetics

Advisor: Kevin P. White, PhD

Projects: “Genome-wide mapping of EcR binding sites” and “EcR tissue-specific cofactor discovery”

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL                                                     2006-2009

Department of Human Genetics and the Institute of Genomics and Systems Biology

Primary advisor: Kevin P. White, PhD

Projects: “Tissue-specific and Ligand-responsive EcR Genome-Wide Binding” and “Chromatin mark (Histone Modifications) Dynamics in Drosophila melanogaster” – for ModEncode Project

Center for Interdisciplinary Health Disparities Research

Secondary advisor:  Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD

Project:  “Investigations of Steroid Receptor Cofactors and Chromatin Markers in Human Breast Cancer”

Professional Experience

Academic Appointments

2014-present           Executive Steering Committee, Cancer Center, University of Georgia

2012-2014            Member, Cancer Center, University of Georgia

2012-present           Member, Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Program, University of Georgia

2012-present           Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track), Dept. of Genetics, University of Georgia

2012-present           Graduate Faculty (Department of Genetics)

2009-2012            Temporary Assistant Professor, Dept. of Genetics, University of Georgia

2009-present          Assistant Professor of Genetics, Georgia Regents University and University of Georgia Medical Partnership

2009-present          Adjunct Assistant Professor, Georgia Regents University, Medical College of Georgia, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2009-present          Associate member, Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute, University of Georgia

2009-present          Member, Institute of Bioinformatics, University of Georgia

Teaching and Research Training/Mentoring

Medical School Teaching

The GRU-UGA Medical Partnership operates an integrated, small-group learning pedagogy. In that paradigm, as the sole Genetics Professor, I am charged with identifying all genetics related information for each clinical case and highlighting learning opportunities throughout the Phase 1 and Phase 2 curriculum. Listed below are the Large Group learning sessions I design and teach at various times throughout the academic year, hosted by certain system modules that are most relevant to the topic.

2014-15                               MEDI-5252, Reproductive Biology

Advanced Population Genetics II

2013-14                               MEDI-5262, GI, Nutrition & Endocrinology

Advanced Population Genetics II, Modes of Inheritance II

2011-15                               MEDI-5151, Fundamentals [of Medicine] Phase 1

Modes of Inheritance I, Pedigree Analysis, Cancer Genetics

2011-15                               MEDI-5156, Musculoskeletal System

Modes of Inheritance II, Genetic Testing, Population Genetics I

2012 -15                              MEDI-5171, GI & Reproduction

Sex Determination, Chromosomal Aberrations

2010-11                               ANAT-5086, Forensic Medicine

Forensic Genetics

2010 -2012                         MEDI-5150, Fundamentals [of Medicine]

Modes of Inheritance I&II, Cancer Genetics, DNA testing, Pedigree Analysis, Population Genetics I&II, DNA technology, Intro to Embryology

Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching at UGA

2014-15                 College of Public Health - Cancer Epidemiology, Guest Lecturer

2012                       GENE-3200 (I designed and implemented discussion groups for this class as a new pedagogy)

2011                       GENE-3200, Genetics (Summer session)

2010                       Guest Lecturer, LSAMP Freshman Seminar

CME Teaching and Professional Training Outreach

2014      Community Health Series – ARMC – Cancer Prevention

                Role: Invited Speaker

Content: Overview of Cancers in the Black Community, Epidemiological Incidence and mortality
                Audience: General Community, various ages and education

2014      Noon Conference Series, University Hospital; Augusta GA – Cancer Genetic Testing

                Role: Invited Speaker

Content: Current state of genetic testing for cancer syndromes and clinical trials
                Audience: Clinicians in the Augusta Area, affiliated with University Hospital

2013      1st Annual Oncology Seminar – Athens Regional Medical Center (Genetics of Cancer Disparities)

Role: Invited Speaker

Content: Overview of Cancer disparities in North GA Community, Epidemiological Incidence and mortality
Audience: Primary Clinicians in the Athens area, affiliated with Athens Regional Medical Center

2013      Health Forum (Cancer Prevention) Athens Country Club; Athens, GA

Role: Invited Speaker

Content: Overview of Cancers in the North GA Community, Epidemiological Causes and mortality
                Audience: Athens Country Club members

2008     Bioinformatics 101, Training workshop at Florida A&M University

        Role: Course Designer and Instructor

                Content: Interactive short-course on functional genomics data analysis and data mining.

       Audience:  Faculty, graduate students and undergraduates

2004, 2005         Yale School of Medicine Summer Medical Education Program (SMEP)

              Role: Lead Teaching Assistant/Coordinator

Content: Molecular Biology lectures and MCAT training Audience: Undergraduates accepted into the program

2003, 2004         Microarray’s from A to Z (Hands-on workshop) Role: Course designer and instructor

Content: applied computational training in DNA microarray data acquisition and analysis Audience: Yale Faculty, Postdocs and Graduate Students

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research Mentoring

2013                       UGA Young Dawgs High School Research Internship Program

2010-present           LSAMP, Research Mentor, University of Georgia, Minority Affairs

2010-present           REU Mentor, University of Georgia, Department of Genetics

2010-Present      SUNFIG Research Mentor, University of Georgia, Department of Genetics

2010-present           CURO Research Mentor, University of Georgia

Community Outreach

2005, 2006         Science Education Everyday (Project SEE), Delta Sigma Theta, Inc Role: Program Coordinator and Fundraising

Content: Educational in-home/in-class experiments with ‘everyday’ materials/reagents Audience: Parents, public school teachers

2000 - 02            Careers in Science Outreach Program, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc Role: Speaker/Panelist (Annually)

Audience: Middle school and High school students

Undergraduates Supervised

DeJunan Ford(post-bac)                                                 01/2015-present

Kathryn Vollum                                                                 01/2015-present

Andrea Brown                                                                    02/2014-present

Asa Gold                                                                              02/2015-present

MackenzieDickerman                                                     08/2013-05/2014

HaileyCampbell                                                                 08/2013-05/2014 (Genetics Counseling)

Victoria Sanon                                                                   08/2013-12/2013 (Genetics Counseling)

Briana Bennett (CURO)                                                    05/2013-05/2014

Matthew Johnson (CURO-Thesis)                                05/2013-05/2014

Andrea Walens(CURO)                                                   01/2013-05/2014

Casey Garrett (CURO)                                                      01/2013-12/2013

CarolineThomsen(CURO)                                             01-2013-12/2013

DeJuana Ford(CURO)                                                      08/2012-12/2013

Kauthar Mumin (CURO)                                                  08/2012-12/2013

Coleman Breland (CURO)                                               06/2012-05/2013

PavanThaker (CURO)                                                      01/2011-05/2012

OrvilleMayberry (CURO)                                                                01/2011-05/2012 (JohnsHopkins Graduate School)

Alice Walker 06/2010-11/2010 (EmoryGraduate School)

Meagan Grant (CURO)                                                     03/2010-05/2011 (Princeton Graduate School)

Christina Swoope(LSAMP)                                            04/2010-05/2011 (JohnsHopkins COPH)

Eric Afari (post-bac) 01/2010-05/2010 (MedicalSchool)

ChristopherWalker(LSAMP)                                        10/2009-05/2012Medical School)

Jeremy Schube(CURO)                                                   10/2009-04/2010(MedicalSchool)  

Summer Program Students

Lishann Ingram (SUNFIG & REU)                                  2010

Ormarie Vasquez (SUNFIG)                                           2011

Myia Bryant (REU)                                                            2011

Ana Rosario (SUNFIG)                                                     2012

Myrielis Rivera (SUNFIG)                                                 2013

Ashley Chukwu (REU)                                                       2013

Krissean Lia (SUNFIG)                                                      2014

Jillian Hood (REU)                                                              2014

Oumou Berete(REU)                                                        2014

Professional Service


2013-present         University of Georgia Cancer Center, Executive. Steering Committee

2013-present         Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Program Interest Groups; Cancer Biology, Disease Models and Bioinformatics

2013-present         Department of Genetics Awards Committee, Member

2012-present         LSAMP Career Panel, Invited, Associate Provost for Diversity 2012                       University of Georgia Cancer Center, Member

2011                       Search Committee, Assistant Dean for Research, GHSU/UGA Medical Partnership 2010-14                SUNFIG and REU Research mentor, Department of Genetics

2010-13                LSAMP Research mentor, Multicultural Affairs, Office of Diversity


2013                       Invited Speaker, Athens Regional Medical Center Clinician Oncology Symposium 2013                       Invited Presenter, Athens Tumor Board ARMC

2012                       LSAMP Research Conference Judge, Athens, GA (Oral Presentations)

2011                       LSAMP Research Conference Judge, Athens, GA (Poster and Oral Presentations) 2010                       LSAMP Research Conference Judge, Fort Valley, GA (Poster Presentations)

National and International

2014                       Invited Guest Editor(s); (declined), Cancer Growth and Metastasis (Ethnogenomics and Cancer supplement), Current Cancer Therapy Reviews and Current Genomics

2014                       Invited Peer Reviewer or Review Boards (declined); International Journal of Biological Sciences; Cancer Informatics; Patient Related Outcome Measures; Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research

2012-14                Peer Reviewer (accepted); Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research; Cellular Oncology Research; PLoS One; Signaling; Cancer Informatics

2014                       Invited member, NIMHD, Limited Competition P20 applications, Exploratory Centers of Excellence Pilot Research Projects (declined)

2014                       Member, NIMHD, Special Emphasis Panel Basic and Applied Biomedical Research on Minority Health (R01)

2013                       Member, NIMHD, Special Emphasis Panel Basic and Applied Biomedical Research on Minority Health (R01)

2013                       Invited member, Scientific Review Committee, AACR, Science of Health Disparities Meeting

2013                       Invited Grant Reviewer, National Research Foundation (South Africa) http://www.nrf.ac.za/

2012                       Invited member, Editorial Board of Journal of Bioinformatics and Diabetes (Declined)

2012                       Reviewer, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Research Journal

2012                       Invited Article Reviewer, Cellular Oncology Research Journal

2012                       Member, NIMHD, Study Section (R01)

2012                       Member, NIMHD, Special Emphasis Panel for NIMHD Conference Grants (R13)

2012                       Member, American Cancer Society, Development, Differentiation and Cancer Grant Review

2011                       Member, National Institute for Minority Health and Disparities (NIMHD) Special Emphasis Panel

for Global Disparities, Database Integration, Rural Health and Bioethics Grants. (U24)


Honors and Awards (Selected)

2014                       UGA-OVPR Faculty Research Grant

2013                       UGA- Provost Research Grant

2011                       UGA – Center for Teaching and Learning May-mester Institute Scholar 

2008                       AACR Minority Scholar in Cancer Research

2007                       National Institutes of Health (NIH), Loan Repayment Program (LRP) Award for Health Disparities Research

2005                       L’Oreal USA Women of Science Honorable Mention

2005                       NIH – National Research Service Award (NRSA), Postdoctoral Award

2003                       The Ford Foundation - Dissertation Fellowship

2001                       Grant Writing Award (First Place) – University of Georgia

2001                       Life Sciences Award – National Black Graduate Student Conference

2000                       National Institute of General Medical Science (NIGMS) Graduate Student Research Award, National Minority Research Meeting

1999                       NIH, Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

Davis Lab Students’ Awards/Honors

National Awards

2011                       AACR Bardos Science Education Award (Christopher Walker)

2011                       Barbara Jordan Health Scholars (Christina Swoope)

2011                       Emerging Researchers National STEM Conference Award – 1st place in Biological Sciences (Lishann Ingram)

Internal Institutional Awards

2011                       UGA AMAZING Student (Christopher Walker)

2011                       Kenyon Award-Genetics Dept (Christina Swoope)

2011                       Yale University Post-Bac Research Program (Meagan Grant)

2010                       UGA AMAZING Student (Christina Swoope)

2010                       Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation in STEM Sciences (Christopher Walker)

Scientific and Professional Society Memberships

2012-15                 Member, NationalCoalition for Health ProfessionalEducation in Genetics

2012-15                 Member,Association ofProfessors for Human andMedical Genetics (APHMG)

2009-15                 Member, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)

2007-09                 AssociateMember,AACR

1998-06                 GeneticsSocietyof America


Scientific Meetings National

2014                       AACR Tumor Immunologyand Immunotherapy Conference,Orlando, (poster)

2014                       San AntonioBreast CancerResearch Conference(Poster–R.Hire presenter)

2014                       104Annual American Association for Cancer ResearchMeeting, SanDiego, CA (poster)

2014                       San AntonioBreast CancerResearch Conference (Poster) (accepted, not presented)

2013                       6Annual AACR Conference onthe Science of HealthDisparities, Atlanta,GA (2posters)

2012                       103Annual American Association for Cancer Research Meeting, Chicago, IL(poster)

2011                       102Annual American Association for Cancer Research Meeting, Orlando, FL(3 Posters)

2009                       50Annual NationalDrosophila ResearchConference,Chicago, (accepted talk)

2008                       AmericanAssociation forCancer Research(AACR) (Poster)

2004                       NationalDrosophila Research Conference,Washington DC(Invitedtalk)

2002                       NationalDrosophila Research Conference,San Diego,CA(Invited plenaryfromabstract)

2001                       National Black Graduate Student Conference,Lubbock, TX(Talk fromaccepted abstract)

2000                       NationalMinority Research Conference,Washington,DCacceptedabstract

1999 –04                 NationalDrosophila Research Conference(VariousLocations)(Posters)


2014                      Howard Stroud Health Series, Community Education at ARMC (invited keynote speaker)

2013                      Inaugural Athens RegionalMedical CenterOncology (invited speaker)

2012                      GeorgiaBioresourceConference, Atlanta, GA(poster)

2010                      GeorgiaBioresourceMeeting, Atlanta, GA(poster)

2006                      ChicagoAreaGenomics Chicago, IL

1998-99                  SoutheastRegionalDrosophila Research

Other Speaking Engagements / Seminars

2015       “Breast Cancer in the Context of Patient Diversity”, Global Education Forum, UGA, Athens, GA

2014       “CancerDisparitiesandPrevention”, Howard Stroud Health Series, ARMC Athens,GA

2013       “CancerDisparities”, ARMCOncologySymposium

2013       “Genetics of Cancer”, UGA-College of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology

2011       “Human Race, a Biologist’s Perspective” 50th Anniversary of Desegregation, UGA-Biology

2009        “Functional Genomics Research-Davis Lab” Institute of Bioinformatics, UGA

2009       Keynote Address for UGA Diversity (Multicultural Affairs) Graduation

2008       Plenary Speaker, Southeast Regional Pharmacy Symposium, Tallahassee, FL

2008               Albany State University, Department of Allied Health, Departmental Seminar

2005       Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Human Genetics, Departmental Seminar

2002                Albany State University, Department of Natural Sciences, Departmental Seminar

Student Presentations – Reviewed and Accepted Abstracts


2010       Poster-“Basal-likeSpecificGeneExpression in BreastCancer…”Georgia Bioresource SummitinAtlanta, GA(MeganGrant)


2014       Investigatingcorrelations ofDARC under-expression(DuffyNull phenotypes) in basal like brca.”AACR Annual Meeting (Andrea Walens andBrianaBennett)

2013       “IGFBP6 in breastcancer disparities” (DeJuana Ford)

2013       “Investigating correlations ofDARC under-expression(DuffyNull phenotypes)with increasedBreast Cancer nodemetastasis.”AACRScienceof Health Disparities(Kauthar Mumin)

2012       “P53pathway genes’ expression in basal-like breasttumorcells”AACR (OrvilleMayberry)

2011       “FGFR2has expression in basal-like breast cancer” ABCRMS (Ormarie Vasquez)

2011       “Basal-like SpecificGeneExpression in BreastCancer…”AACR102Annual Meeting in Orlando,FL (Christina SwoopeandMeagan Grant)

2011       “Insulin-relatedgene in basal-like breastcancer…”AACR102Annual Meeting inOrlando, FL(ChristopherWalker)

2010       “Biologicalmechanisms ofbreastcancer disparities: gene expression in breast cancer subtypes”,Emerging Researchers National in Presentation)(LiShannIngram)

2010       “Characterization ofGeneExpression Patterns in BreastCancerSubtypes”, (LiShann Ingram)ABCRMS, Charlotte, NC



Research Grants and Fellowships

Current Funding

GRU Medical Partnership - Davis Lab Start-up                                                                       08/2009 - present


UGA Office VP for Research Faculty Research Grant                                                           07/2014 – 06/2015

“The Role of DARC in Ancestry-Specific Disparities”


Completed Funding

UGA Office of Provost - Davis Lab Start-up                                                                              07/2012 – 06/2014


UGA Institutional Lab Start-up, Vice President for Research                                        07/2012 – 06/2013


Research Related Fellowships

NIH-LRP-NCMHD Postdoctoral Contract – Health Disparities Research              07/2006 – 07/2009

Investigating the Epigenetic Chromatin-Related Factors Associated with ER Negative (Basal-like) Tumor Progression; the Predominate Breast Cancer Type in Women of African Descent

PI: Davis, MB; Advisor: Olopade, O

NIH-NIGMS:  F32 GM 074364-02 Post-doctoral NRSA Fellowship                           05/2005 – 04/2007

Genome-wide Detection of Cell-specific Ecdysone Targets

(PI: Davis, MB; Advisor: White, KP)

NIH-NIGMS:  F31 GM 020095-03 Pre-doctoral NRSA Fellowship                             12/2001 – 08/2003

Ecdysone Receptor Requirements in Drosophila Development

(Fellow: Davis, MB, PI: Bender, MT)

Pending Grant Applications

02/2015 NIH R01: Investigator Initiated – Total Requested $337,500

 The DARC Side Of Breast Cancer Susceptibility - Role Of Darc Isoform Expression In Breast Cancer

02/2015 NIH U01: RFA: Windows of Breast Cancer Susceptibility – Total Requested $860,000

EPICS: Epigenetic Portals To Inflammation-Based Cancer Susceptibility (In Breast)

Selected Unfunded Grant Applications

07/2014 Susan G Komen Career Catalyst Award Pre-application

DARC expression in breast cancer subtypes and its role in tumor microenvironment

PI: M. Davis

05/2014 DOD Breakthrough Award Level 2 – Total Requested $978,777

Investigating Epigenetic Variation of Growth Factor Pathways in Response to Environmental Exposures in Sporadic Breast Cancer

MPI: M. Davis, AM. Zimeri, S. Wagner Robb

04/2014 DoD Breast Cancer Breakthrough Award Level1 - Total Requested: $500,000

Targeted therapy against HER4 in breast cancer subtypes

PI: R. Hire (Role: Advisor)

12/2012 - R01 application - Total Requested: $1,590,024

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Special Emphasis Panel Understanding Environmental Control of Epigenetic/Mechanisms 

Title: Impact of Environmental Exposures on Epigenome - Biological Links to Cancer Risk

MPI: M. Davis, S Wagner-Robb

10/2012 American Cancer Society Research Scholar Award – Total Requested $ 954,552

Epigenetic Responses to Environmental Exposures: Impacts on Oncogenes

PI: M. Davis (Resubmitted 2013)

09/2012 Susan G Komen Investigator Initiated Pre application

Epigenetic Responses to Environmental Exposures; Impacts on Oncogenes

Co-PI: M. Davis and Sara Wagner

01/2012 NIH U01 : RFA-CA-09-026: The Biology of ER negative Breast cancer in Various Ethnic Groups – Total Requested $1,084,336

The Role of Genetic West African Ancestry and Epigenetics in Breast Cancer Subtypes

PI: M.Davis

12/2011 NIH U01 in response to PAR Cancer Health Disparities/Diversity in Basic Cancer Research. Total Requested: $1, 263,589

 The Role of Genetic West African Ancestry and Epigenetics in Breast Cancer Subtypes

MPI: R. Kittles, D. Garth and M. Davis

05/2011 (Scored - resubmitted) NCI P01 RFA: PAR-09-025 - Total Requested: $19,477,141

Biological, Environmental and Social Determinants of Early-Onset Breast Cancer (Managing PI: L .Jones)

M. Daviss Role: Co-PI of Project 1 Environmental Modulators, Epigenetic Regulation, Molecular Characterization, and West African Genetic Ancestry in Early Onset Breast Cancer

09/2010 Susan G Komen Career Catalyst Award – Pre-application

Investigating African ancestry and epigenetic regulation of insulin related genes in basal-like breast cancer subtype etiology and ethnic disparities  

PI: M. Davis

04/2010 NIH R21 Total Requested $406,852.

The Role of African Ancestry on Genomic, Epigenetic, and Clinical Features of Breast Cancer

Co-PI: M. Davis and R. Kittles

08/2009 –NIH R01 Total Requested $1,232,000.

Role of Ancestrally Conserved Epigenetic Variation in Disparate Breast Cancer

PI: M. Davis


Reviews and Reports

1.   Davis, M.B.; White, K.P. Recent advances in drosophila genomics. Genome biology 2004, 5, 339. (Invited Meeting Review)

2.   Davis MB. (Among 40 contributing authors) Special Research Initiatives; Identifying Gaps in Breast Cancer Research - Disparities in Breast Cancer: Domains of Individual-level Social Inequality - Culture. California Breast Cancer Research Program Report to Congress, 2008. (M Davis Role: Science Advisor and Writer)

Research Articles

3.Davis, M W.; G.; W.; of and a ofDNA 1.Oncotarget 20145,

  1. Davis, M.B.*; Liu, X.; Wang, S.; Reeves, J.; Khramtsov, A.; Huo, D.; Olopade, O.I. Expression and sub-cellular localization of an epigenetic regulator, co-activator arginine methyltransferase 1 (carm1), is associated with specific breast cancer subtypes and ethnicity. Molecular cancer 2013, 12, 40. (Designated Highly Accessed) (*Corresponding Author)
  2. Davis, M.B.*; Li, T. Genomic analysis of the ecdysone steroid signal at metamorphosis onset using and mutants. Genes & genomics 2013, 35, 21-46. (*Corresponding Author)
  3. Hill Neves, L.A.; Ingram, L.; Davis, M.B. The characterization of cell line crl-2335 as a basal-like breast carcinoma model. Breast cancer : basic and clinical research 2011, 5, 67-72.

7. L.; P.;R.;Li, L.; Davis, M.B R.; Ren, B.; M.; A ofNature 2011 471 14th author of 39 as part of ModEncode Project my contribution was EcR binding and Histone Modification data generation and analysis in cell lines)

  1. Davis, M.B*.; SanGil, I.; Berry, G.; Olayokun, R.; Neves, L.H. Identification of common and cell type specific lxxll motif ecr cofactors using a bioinformatics refined candidate rnai screen in drosophila melanogaster cell lines. BMC developmental biology 2011, 11, 66. (*Corresponding Author)

9. Davis, M.B of in andA Infectious agents and cancer 2009 4 Suppl 1,

  1. Carney, G.E.; Robertson, A.; Davis, M.B.; Bender, M. Creation of ecr isoform-specific mutations in drosophila melanogaster via local p element transposition, imprecise p element excision, and male recombination. Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG 2004, 271, 282-290.

11.Davis, M.B M.of Developmental biology 2005282

Submitted Manuscripts

Davis, MB*; Walens, A; Hire, R; Mumin, K; Howerth, EW; Monteil, M. The Duffy-Null genotype of the Duffy Antigen Receptor for Chemokines (DARC) is associated with altered isoform expression in lymphoblasts of African Ancestry groups. Implications for distinct, ancestry-specific, inflammatory responses. Being Revised for PLoS One (Referred from PLoS Genetics). (*Corresponding Author)

Manuscripts In preparation

Hire, R; Lea, K; Hood, J; Bennett, B; Howerth, EW; Davis, MB. Differential IGFBP6 expression is correlated with IGF localization in breast tumor subtypes. Preparing for Molecular Cancer 3/15/2015.

Davis, MB*; Hire, R; Howerth, EW; Walens, A; Bennett, B and Monteil, M. Duffy Antigen Receptor for Chemokines (DARC) expression in breast cancer cell lines correlates with CCL2 and CXCL8 localization. Preparing for Molecular Oncology 3/31/2015  (*Corresponding Author)

Collaborative Abstracts and Reports

2012       “Differential miRNA expression in African American and Caucasian Prostate cell lines” AACR meeting (Presented by: Shaniece Theodore and Clayton Yates)

2008       “Comparison of Prostate Cancer Gene Expression in African-American and White-American Males” AACR Annual Meeting (Presented by: Renee Reams)

2007       “Identifying Gaps in Breast Cancer Research: Addressing Disparities…” Position Paper for California Breast Cancer Research Program, Special Initiatives; (Section Researcher and Writer)

2005       “Tissue-specific EcR target binding” International Gordon Conference – Drosophila Research