BE the Research Participants Information

Be the Research!

Thank you for signing up to join our research cohort. Your contribution is invaluable and we are so delighted to have your support! – M. Davis

On the day of your appointment!

The tentative schedule of your appointment is as follows:

  1. Sign in with the front desk and they will pull your orders
  2. We will obtain your signature for the informed consent
  3. A nurse will direct you for the blood donation
  4. You will be directed to a computer station to take a short online survey
  5. We will give you a $25 gift card once you complete the on-site survey


Welcome to the UGA Clinical & for Translational Research Unit

CTRU information:

Phone number: 706-713-2722  

Address: 109 Bowstrom Rd. Athens, GA 30606

 If you have any questions about the study or for a reminder about your appointment time and location, please contact the Davis Lab at 706-542-0045