Dave was born in Houston, then moved to England at an early age. He stayed through high school before retruning for college at Rice University. In his last year at Rice, he took an animal behavior course with Dr. Joan Strassman and a mathematical modeling seminar with Dr. David Quellar, both of whom are now in the Department of Biology at Washington University, St. Louis. These classes literally changed his life. Out was the MD career; replaced with the intellectually more challenging (but significantly less respected!) academic career. Dave earned his PhD in Zoology and Genetics from Duke University with Dr. Marcy Uyenoyama. He spend the first ten years post-PhD in teaching positions, first at Wake Forest University, then at the University of Texas at Austin. While at UT Austin, he was also a postdoctoral associate with Dr. Mark Kirkpatrick, who kindly welcomed him into his lab group. He moved to the University of Georgia as an Assistant Professor of Genetics in 2006 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2013. 

Dave has two daughters in high school. They are the light of his life. 

His four-legged companion is a rather ugly, but very good-natured, young Drathaar pointer ("Tinks"), who will soon serve double duty as both his running partner and hunting buddy. 



For exercise, Dave runs, bikes, swims and occassionally plays racket sports.

For recreation, Dave loves to be on the water, preferably far offshore in the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic chasing fish tails (tales?) with his friends, but is also happy on freshwater lakes and farm ponds. 

Dave has never seen a motor he did not want to take apart or a tool he did not want to add to his collection. He enjoys working on engines and fixing whatever crops up around the house or laboratory.