Friday, October 13th @ 3:30 - Miller Learning Center 213

Trina Vithayathil  

Dr. Vithayathil is an Assistant Professor of Global Studies at Providence College. Her reasearch focuses on the politics of caste, race and ethnicity in contemporary India. Her ongoing project examines the politics of producing the caste census data in 2011.  

Her talk, entitled Counting Caste in India in an Era of Castelessness examines how and why groups advocating for a change in census policy on caste in India publicly ‘won’ in early 2010, only to lose over the course of the subsequent year.  In the census that followed, caste hierarchies silently structured the entire process of producing caste data. The case of the 2011 caste census  reveal the mechanisms and practices of castelessness in the world’s largest democracy.

Friday, January 19th @ 3:30 - Miller Learning Center 213

Elizabeth Popp Berman

(Sociology, University at Albany, SUNY)

Friday,  March 23rd @ 3:30 - Miller Learning Center 213

Andrea Ballestero

Dr. Ballestero is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Rice University. Her work looks at the unexpected ethical and technical entanglements through which experts understand water in Latin America.

Her talk, entitles Devices of Wonder: On the Technocratic Politics of Water Futures uses examples from Costa Rica and Brazil to argue that 'wonder' as in the act of wondering about something, is a generative disposition toward technocratic policymaking devices. She will argue that wonder can reveal a technocratic politics of the future while counterweighing disenchanted cynicism and overambitious confidence. 

(Anthropology, Rice University)