Athens Wellbeing Project (ongoing) 

The Athens Wellbeing Project is an ongoing initiative to collect and share data on neighborhood conditions within the city. The goal is to allow community institutions--such as Clarke County schools and Athens-Clarke County Police--as well as local community groups to have access to reliable, wide ranging data on conditions across the county. These data will allow groups to focus on pressing needs and help coordinate actions across the city. This project is supported by a number of organizations, including Clarke County School District, Athens-Clarke County Unified Government, and the United Way of Northeast Georgia.

Initial survey data collection is currently underway. In Spring 2016, students in Dr. Jerry Shannon's Community GIS class collected a range of secondary data across several domains. Their findings are available below. We anticipate having an online interface to explore these data by the end of 2016.


Georgia Initiative for Community Housing (ongoing) 

The GICH program assists small to moderately sized towns in Georgia with their planning for future housing needs. We have provided communities by developing tools for online data collection using the OpenDataKit platform. We have also assisted in analysis of changing demographics in towns and visualization of housing patterns within communities.

  • Sponsored by a UGA CURO grant, Geography major Grace Barrett completed a project examining current and projected need for assisted living facilities in Madison and Monroe counties. Read a summary of her findings.

Georgia Organics (2016)

Lab member Ian Rossiter created this map of all organic farms in Georgia in partnership with Georgia Organics. The map is being used to increase the visibility of local, sustainable agriculture within the state. Click on the graphic to the right to see a larger version.


Atlanta Community Food Bank (2015)

As part of the Atlanta Community Food Bank's future planning process, we created estimates of projected changes in food security at the census tract level in their service area over the next five years. We found that while food insecurity rates in Atlanta will remain high, increased insecurity will be most notable in the eastern and southern suburbs of the city. Results are visible here.

Model cluster map state_0.png

Historic Cobbham Neighborhood (2015)

We used ESRI's StoryMap software to create a walking tour of the Athens' Cobbham Neighborhood, home to a number of historic homes. See the map.

Cobbham map.JPG