Recent News 

Fall 2017

Dr. Brett Clementz became the director of the UGA Bio-Imaging Research Center. Dr. McDowell became the chair of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program in the Department of Psychology.

CCNL graduate students Matt Hudgens-Haney and Amanda Rodrigue successfully defended their dissertations. Dr. Hudgens-Haney earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and took a post-doctoral position in the Psychiatry Department at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Rodrigue earned a Ph.D. in Psychology and took a post-doctoral position in the Neurocognition, Neurocomputation and Neurogenetics Division at Yale University School of Medicine.

Spring 2017

Dr. Dyckman won the BBS (Behavioral and Brain Sciences) “Outstanding Teaching Award”. CCNL graduate student Amanda Rodrigue won two BBS awards: the Charles and Bette Smock Award and the “Outstanding Publication Award”. Kodiak Sauer won the best paper award at the Psi Chi Convention of the Behavioral Sciences. Six undergraduate students presented their research work at the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO); Emma Auger, Emily Gale, Megan Murphy, Zoe Schneider, Jane Sutcliff and Rebekah Trotti. Emma, Emily, and Megan received $1000 CURO Research Assistantships.

Fall 2016

CCNL graduate students Ana Bobilev, Jordan Pierce, and David Schaeffer successfully completed and defended their dissertations this spring. All three earned a Ph.D in Neuroscience and have now begun post doctoral research positions at UT Southwestern Medical Center (Dallas, TX), Laboratory for Neurology and Imaging of Cognition at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and Robarts Research Institute (London, ON, Canada) respectively. 

Spring 2016

Dr. McDowell was awarded the William A. Owens Creative Research Award as part of UGA's Honors Week. Drs. Clementz and McDowell were both featured in UGA Research Magazine's Spring 2016 issue in an article titled "Brain trust: unlocking the mysteries of the mind."

CCNL graduate student David Parker won best talk and research assistant Meagan Buford won best poster at the Psychology Dept's Psi Chi Conference. CCNL undergraduates presented three talks at the 2016 UGA CURO Symposium. Undergraduate Megan Murphy won the UGA CURO and Psychology Dept best undergraduate paper award for her research with diffusion tensor imaging in schizophrenia. CCNL graduate students will be presenting 2 posters at the Society of Biological Psychiatry in Atlanta in May.

Fall 2015

CCNL graduate students presented 2 posters at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping meeting in Honolulu, HI this June. Dr. McDowell presented a talk entitled "Structural and Functional Brain Abnormalities Associated with Saccades in Schizophrenia: Evidence from Multimodel Imaging" and graduate student Jordan Pierce presented a poster at the Gordon Research Conference on Eye Movements this July. CCNL students presented 3 posters and 1 talk at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago, IL this fall.

Spring 2015

Dr. Clementz gave a Clinical Plenary Address entitled "Organizing Neurobiological Heterogeneity in Psychosis via Brain Based Biomarkers: When You Come to a Fork in the Road..." at the International Congress on Schizophrenia Research in Colorado Springs this March.

CCNL graduate students also presented 2 posters and 1 talk at ICOSR, and 1 poster at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting in San Francisco. Undergraduate students in the lab presented 5 talks and 1 poster at the 2015 CURO Symposium at the Athens Classic Center.

Honors and Awards

»Anastasia Bobilev was awarded the ARCS Foundation Fellowship, a $7,500/year award for up to three years (Fall 2015)

»Jordan Pierce was selected for the Paul D. Coverdell Neuroimaging Program Franklin Foundation Fellowship, along with current Fellows Ana Bobilev and Amanda Rodrigue (August 2015)

»Undergraduate Joseph Coppiano's paper "Age Related Effects on Brain Activation during Cognitive Control Tasks in Subjects with Schizophrenia" was selected for the 2015 CURO Symposium Best Paper in the Social Sciences category

»Undergraduate Megan Murphy was awarded the 2015 CURO Summer Fellowship

»Amanda Rodrigue was chosen for the UGA Franklin College-University of Liverpool Doctoral Student Short-Term International Research Fellowship. All expenses paid for a one-week research collaboration with Dr. Paul Knox in Liverpool (January 2015)

»David Schaeffer was awarded the ARCS Foundation Fellowship, a $7,500/year award for up to three years (Fall 2014)

Past News, Honors and Awards

Recent Workshops Attended with Full or Partial Funding

» Courtney Burton - 6 week Multimodal Neuroimaging Summer Workshop at University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University – all expenses paid (Summer 2015).

» Amanda Rodrigue and Anastasia Bobilev – Wellcome Trust Course: Human Genome Analysis: Genetic Analysis of Multifactorial Diseases in Cambridge, England. All expenses paid.