Chung lab walking through the woods
Walking through the woods at Paint Rock Forest Research Center. Photo (C)

The Chung lab welcomes and uplifts people from all areas of diverse identities, and we find strength in our shared journeys in science. Please don't hesitate to contact Anny or any of the current members of the lab if you are interested in learning more about us and our research!

Graduate students

Opportunities are available through the Integrative Plant Sciences PhD program, of which the Department of Plant Biology and the Department of Plant Pathology are members. Prospective PhD students who are eligible for the NSF-GRFP are encouraged to get in touch with Anny to develop ideas together ahead of the deadline.

Undergraduate students

If you would like to conduct independent research in the Chung lab, or would like to talk about what it may be like to join or work in a lab, an email to Anny with a short introduction of your research interests is the first step.


There are no currently funded postdoctoral opportunities in the lab. However, I'm always excited to collaborate with students on external fellowship applications.