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B.A. Anthropology and Biology with Honors, Minor in Archaeology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2014

Dissertation Research

I am interested in the bioarchaeology of Greek warfare: using human skeletal remains to investigate the construction of military forces and understand how warfare connects culturally and spatially diverse populations in a globalizing world.

Other Work

Educational Program Assistant - National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF REU) Site: Immersive Research in the Bioarchaeology of Greek Colonization, Sicily, Italy

Selected Publications & Presentations


2018 Speakman RJ, Hadden CS, Colvin MH, Cramb J, Jones kC, Jones TW, Lulewicz I, Napora KG, Reinberger KL , Ritchison BT, Edwards AR, Thompson VD. Market Share and Recent Hiring Trends in Anthropology Faculty Positions. PLOS One 13(9): e0202528

2018 Speakman RJ, Hadden CS, Colvin MH, Cramb J, Jones KC, Jones TW, Kling CL, Lulewicz I, Napora KG, Reinberger KL, Ritchison BT, Rivera-Araya MJ, Smith AK, Thompson VD. Choosing a Path to the Ancient World in a Modern Market: The Reality of Faculty Jobs in Archaeology. American Antiquity 83(1):1-12.


2019 Reinberger KL, Reitsema LJ, Stamer JR, Kyle B. For Gold or Glory: Evaluating historical texts of the Battles of Himera, Sicily using isotopic analysis. Archaeological Institue of America Annual Meeting.

2018 Reinberger KL, Reitsema LJ, Kyle B, Fabbri P, Vassallo S, Kamenov GD, Krigbaum J. Evaluating lead isotopes in Mediterranean paleomobility research: A case study in 5th c. BCE Greek Sicily. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 165:223-224.

2017 Reinberger KL, Kyle B, Fabbri PF, Vassallo S, Reitsema LJ. Paleomobility in the 5th century Mediterranean: Oxygen isotope analysis of soldiers from the  Battles of Himera (480 BCE, 409 BCE). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 162:330-330.

2016 Reinberger KL, Reitsema LJ, Kyle B, Fabbri PF, Vassallo S. Reconstructing daily lives of individuals in ancient mass graves from Greek Sicily: Paleodietary perspectives on the Battles of Himera mortuary assemblages (480 BC, 409 BC). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 159:266-266.