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Masters of Science in Public Health, Global Communicable Disease, University of South Florida, 2010, Thesis Title: Characterization of unidentified viruses from Florida

Bachelor of Science, Molecular Biology, Florida Institute of Technology, 2007

Graduate Certificate: Infection Control, University of South Florida; Tampa, Florida, 2010

Dissertation Research

My dissertation research investigates the role of human-dog relationships on human vulnerability to zoonotic infectious disease within deforestation gradients in the Republic of Panama. Existing theories and research suggest that long-term interactions between humans and animals are dynamic, mutually beneficial relationships influencing overall health conditions of both species. Research indicates that human-dog relationships result in diverse social networks allowing for adaptation to environmental stressors.


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Fellowships and Awards

2016, Dean’s Award in Arts & Humanities; Graduate School, University of Georgia

2015, Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant; Graduate School, University of Georgia

2015, Anthropology Graduate Student Organization Travel Award; University of Georgia

2014, Graduate Travel Award; University of Georgia

2014, Excellence in Graduate Recruiting Fellowship; University of Georgia

2014-2016, Graduate Teaching Assistance Fellowship; University of Georgia


American Association of Physical Anthropologists

International Council for Archaeozoology

Sigma Xi, Full member


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