Welcome to the Unfolding Project (UP)Website! The UP is an ongoing initiative to design measures of psychological variables (e.g., personality, attitudes, affect) that conform to unfolding measurement principles (also known as ideal point or Thurstonian) scoring. The use of unfolding principles has been shown to have many advantages in terms of both measurement and prediction. However, until now the most convenient method for doing this was to use an Item Response Theory model (the Generalized Graded Unfolding Model) with very large sample sizes (N>750) to score respondents. 

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This website offers unfolding measures of various constructs along with a SPSS scoring program for each measure that can score even a single respondent! This means any NOT-FOR-PROFIT researcher or practitioner can download our test content, administer it and score it for free in even very small samples! You can even enter your OWN responses and score yourself on these measures! These measures will be most useful in research and applications where it is very important to distinguish between people who are very high versus people who are moderately high in a construct (e.g., testing for curvilinearity, interactions, employee selection and placement).