Research Training on Computational Tools

The past ten years has seen a rapid and amazing development in the computational tools available to researchers in AGANT.  They include free programs, such as the general platform SAGE and the more specialized tools (some of which SAGE overlays) including Macaulay2, GAP, Pari/GP, Polymake, Porta, Reduce, Singular, and others.  They also include commercial symbolic computation programs such as Magma, Mathematica, and Maple, and the low-level general-purpose computer languages such as C++.  We run semester-long courses intended to familiarize students with the available computational tools in AGANT and to teach them how to use these tools to solve concrete problems.   We call such courses Computational VRG, where VRG stands for Vertical Research Group, open to undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs.

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, Computational VRG course led by Valery Alexeev,
Fall 2016, Computational VRG course led by Danny Krashen,
Spring 2018, Computational VRG course led by Danny Krashen,