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On these pages we will offer links to additional resources for students, researchers, and instructors.

In the meanwhile, you can access

  • Currently available ACT Data here
  • David Heise's JavaInteract program at the Indiana ACT site
  • Jesse Hoey's BayesAct programs and tutorials at the Waterloo BayesACT site
  • Kim Rogers' list of ACT Resources at the Dartmouth ACT conference site

In the near future, this page will have links to resources for academic researchers:

  • general tutorial for ACT simulations and studies
  • guidance and tools for creating an event study
  • guidance and tools for creating a dictionary study
  • tips for conducting studies in new languages
  • information about using Surveyor and Qualtrics for conducting affect control theory surveys

and, so that they may easily turn their students into engaged and prepared social science researchers, links to resources for teachers:

  • a tutorial video on teaching Affect Control Theory and Interact in the classroom, with suggestions on approach and examples
  • module tools with clickable links for:
    • Interact
    • surveyor
  • powerpoint on EPA measurements
  • powerpoint on explaining the equations


We welcome the contributions of the ACT community to this work in progress. If you have information or tools for this resource collection, please send an email to the webmaster, Chelsea Rae Kelly, at


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