There are several colleagues participating in the NMC.  Among them, faculty at the University of Georgia's Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute and the Institute of Native American Studies and several units, including anthropology, environmental design, ecology, forestry, etc.  Some research groups have been formed, such as the Collaborative Research Node of Biocultural Heritage, the Willson Center's Research Cluster on Indigenous Foods and Fibers, the faculty group on Sacred Sitess Conservation, and the Neotropical Montology Initiative of LACSI.

• Director:  Fausto O. Sarmiento

• Prospective Post-Doc:  Nicolay Aguirre, Andrea Neira, Tomás Ibarra.

• Former students: César Cotacachi, Mario Giraldo, Mario Donoso, David Cotacachi, Brandon Combs, Ian Rossiter.

• Current students: Inhye Kong, Haley Deloach

• Prospective student: Juan Maita, Berea Antaki