Assessing land use change, rural dynamics and other type of applied geographical techniques on mountains. Agrobiodiversity Conservation evaluation. Mountain Biodiversity Monitoring. Payment for Environmental Services valuation. Cultural landscape management. Conservation effectiveness assessment.

  • Appropriation of rurality in the global South
  • Tropical mountain communities' changing pathways
  • Amenity migration to transitional farmscapes
  • Forest transitions amidst global environmental change
  • Conservation and development fundscapes and mindscapes
  • Agrobiodiversity conservation and intangibles as externalities
  • Food security and poverty alleviation in equitable production landscapes
  • Water stressed environmental services and paramo fluvial discontent 
  • Shifting paradigms of cultural landscapes: Indigenous Foods and Fibers
  • Transdisciplinarity and sacred nature conservation: Ruins Reified
  • Mountainscape and biocultural heritage (Interview in Spanish)                      
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