• Playón watershed
  • Bobonaza sacred shore
    Bobonaza sacred shore
  • Mojanda peak
    Mojanda sacred peak
  • El Angel páramo and interandean valley
    Páramo and hidden valley
  • El Yunke
    El Yunke sacred cove

Andean Sustainability Conversatory

Operating blogs, debates, colloquia and other political ecology dialogues of human geography of mountains, including dissemination of knowledge generation via the Journal of Neotropical Montology and specialized publications as boks, proceedings, catalogs and interpretation guides of Tropandean landsapes.

• Geocritical narratives and spatialities, historicity and sustainable development  • Contesting mountain paradigms with a new trope of critical biogeographySustainability or Sustenance: a paradox of Andean epistemology  • Americas Cordillera Transect Network of the Mountain Research InitiativeParamology: fluvial discontent of environmental services • Andean Mountains Association (AMA) narrativesRuins Reified: sacred sites in secular geographies

Examples of outcomes:

  1. Dictionary of Landscape Ecology, Conservation and Sustainable Development for Latin America
  2. Geography and Sustainability Binaries to consider in Sustainability Education
  3. Latin American Ethnobotanical Sister Garden Network and ethnoecology trope
  4. State of the Art Conferences and other fora on current topical issues of contestation
  5. NMC's Guest Lectures annual highlights of issues debated withing geographical colloquia.
  6. International Conference on Indigenous Revival and Sacred Sites Conservation