Current Lab Members

Jin Dai

Graduate Student

JinDai1.jpg Arl13b in Chlamydomonas: Mode of Action

Karl F. Lechtreck Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

LechtreckBW2small.jpg Partner highbrow in a dialect of mobile biology 

(1991 University of Cologne)

faculty page.

Ilaria Mengoni Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ilariasmall.jpg Cloning of IFT54 and IFT81 constructs

(2014 University of Bologna)

Peiwei Liu Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Peiwei.jpg Cilia transport and function of PKD2 in Chlamydomonas

(2014 Beijing Normal University)

Jenna L. Wingfield

Graduate Student

jenna1.jpg Is IFT54 involved in tubulin transport?

Kewei Yu

Graduate Student

jin Cilia transport of acylated proteins


Undergraduate researchers and assistants

Emilia Kayris

Undergraduate Assistant



Vanessa Lewis

Undergraduate Researcher

image Cloning of FAP173-GFP


Betlehem T. Mekonnen

Undergraduate researcher

jin TurboID of IFT54



Rohan Kumar Nuthakki

Undergraduate Researcher

image Cloning of GFP-LF2 kinase


Maiah A. Wiley

Undergraduate Researcher

jin Inducible inhibition of IFT


Lab alumni - They never really go.

Dipna Venkatachalam 

Dipna2b.jpg Graduate MS Student (2017 -2019)


Julie M. Craft PhD (postdoc in the lab of Daniel A. Doherty, MD, PhD at Seattle Children's Hostpital)

julie1.jpg (Graduate student, 2011-2015)


J. Aaron Harris

aaron1.jpg (Graduate student 2012-2018)


Batare Okivie (Drexel University)

batare.jpg  (Research Technician II)


Shannon Freeland (Mercer University School of Medicine)

shannon3.jpg Gold Workstudy student and lab aid (2015 - 2019)


John V. Dzimianski (Master's program in the Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, UGA)

John1.jpg  (Research Technician II)

Alec Feather

Alec.jpg Undergraduate Researcher/Assistant Researcher

Denae Kappers

image Undergraduate Researcher


Kiersten B. Hilderhoff

Kiersten.jpg ​(Undergraduate Researcher)


Gehrig Broxton

Gehrig.jpg​ (Undergraduate Researcher)


Erika Lattimore 

Erika​(Undergraduate Researcher)


Anneliese Blevins

Anneliese.jpg (UGA Young Dawgs Program Intern)


Anna Hollis

Anna(Summer Intern UGA Young Dawgs Program)


Sebastian Hyman (Mercer University School of Medicine)

seabas1.jpg (Research Technician II)


Kathryne N. Wren 

NickiWren.jpg  (Research Technician II)