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Congratulations to Dr. Harris and Dr. Louka !


Aaron Harris and Panagiota "Penny" Louka (Gaertig lab) successfully defended their theses on Mar 26 and Apr 6. 

Gehrig and Kiersten moving on.


After spending several terms as undergraduate researchers in the lab working on Chlamydomonas mutants, Gehrig Broxton and Kiersten Hilderhoff will graduate soon.

After 3 long years, our study on radial spoke assembly nears completion.

rsp34.jpg  Live image of mCherry-RSP3 RSP-sfGFP chimeric zygotes obtained by mating 

matingBallons.jpg Dr. Mengoni using balloon Chlamys to explain the generation of 2-color chimeras

Happy New Year!  


Up to an icy start - temperatures in the microcope room fluctuate by up to 9 C! Main water pipe to science hill broke. Thank you President Trump for stopping global warming! Such a big button. The president appearently suffers from LMS (Liddle Man syndrome).  I can tell because I'm affected myself.  Karl


December 22: It's proceeding!


Peiwei Liu's paper on BBSome-dependent protein transport has been accepted in PNAS. Congratulations!

November 3:  Cell-a-bration at Barrow Elementary School




Dipna Venkatachalam, Jenna Wingfield, Ilaria Mengoni, Aaron Harris and Karl Lechtreck visited Barrow School for hands-on science and microscopy classes for 5th graders. Once a Barrow Buddy, always a Barrow Buddy!

PA162282.jpg Evening sun on the BioSci Bldg roof.

August 21, 2017 - the path of totality.



FASEB Science Research Conference "Biology of Cilia and Flagella"

                                 "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"




Dipna Venkatachalam, Peiwei Liu, Jenna Wingfield, and Karl Lechtreck presented posters and papers at the FASEB meeting in Scottsdale Arizona.  Images were taken in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and the new Scottsdale OdySea Aquarium. Karl will co-organize the FASEB meetings in 2019 and 2011.

SEER Award for Jenna Wingfield


for her PechaKucha-style presentation on faculty professional training and its application in STEM education - awarded by UGA's 'Scientists Engaged in Education Research (SEER)'.


Karl Lechtreck is tenured!


with Provost  Pamella Whitten and President Jere Morehead at UGA's PnT reception, May 2017.

5/16/2017:  Jenna Wingfield's paper accepted in eLIFE!


"IFT trains in different stages of assembly queue at the ciliary base for consecutive release into the cilium"

Aaron Harris - 2017 Teaching Award


and some sweet rewards from the CBIO3400 class in form of '9+2', '9+0', and 'microtubular transport' cupcakes.

Gehrig Broxton presents at the CURO symposium


Gehrig presenting his poster on an OFD1 mutant in Chlamydomonas to Dr. Mark Farmer.


Farewell for Francesco


Francesco Barbieri from Università degli studi di Siena returns home in March. But not before a nice glass of green algae.


Warhol's Axonemes


By Jenna Wingfield, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D Student, Cellular Biology


Visitors from UWG


Kevin Nguyen, DaliDavis, Ja'Von Swint from University of Western Georgia visited the lab on March 20/21.  

Fresh from the Graduate School:  Our own Aaron Harris received the 2017 Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award! Congrats!


Spring brake lunch @ Pulaski Heights BBQ 



Pulaski BBQ offers an inspiring backdrop for IFT train research.  And they do smoked tofu and kimshi.


Visit to Mautusi Mitra (University of West Georgia)

small_20170203_193701.jpg samll20170203_163951.jpg

Dinner with the Mitra lab.   Collection of mostly Georgian fish at UWG.


Happy Holidays

cell bio ornaments_small.jpg

It's a laboratory Christmas with Jenna Wingfield's amazing model organism ornaments. 

Francesco Barbieri visits lab


We wecome Francesco Barbieri, a visiting Ph.D. student fromthe Lupetti laboratory at the Università degli studi di Siena, Italy.  Francesco will work on cargo transport by IFT trains using a combination of TIRF imaging and electron microscopy. The kymograms document the fixation of an IFT train (IFT20-mCherry, red) while transporting an outer dyein arm (IC2-NG, green).

Jenna Wingfield wins the poster presentation award at the Chlamydomonas 2016 meeting, Kyoto, Japan !



Karl Lechtreck presented data on outer dynein arm transport in flagella and chaired session No. 8 and Jenna Wingfield presented her prize-winning poster at the 17th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas (69th Yamada Conference) in Kyoto, Japan.

The lab's end of term party


at Karl's place


Shannon Freeland - our very best student worker !


Shannon Freeland, student worker in the lab, and Karl Lechtreck at the Student Employee of the Year Awards Luncheon

Chlamydomonas Resource Center new web site


Our photo of stained Chlamydomonas zygotes has been chosen as a banner of the new Chlamydomonas Resource Center website (http://www.chlamycollection.org/). 

Happy 2016! May the Force be with you. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

P1010031.jpg(seen at JJ's fleamarket)


Dec 18, 2015: The one and only Julie M. Craft graduates. Congrats doctor!


Happy Holidays !


Fungal Christmas tree: Top: Taloromyces stipitatus, tree: Aspergillus nidulans, ornaments: Penicillium marneffei, trunk: Aspergillus terreus.  

Fungal snowman: hat, eyes, mouth, buttons: Aspergillus niger; arms: Aspergillus nidulans; nose: Aspergillus terreus with Penicillium marneffei; body: Neosartorya fischeri.

Source: blogs.jcvi.org.


Aaron Harris' paper on EB1 in cilia accepted for Mol. Biol. Cell !  Congratulations !

and presented his work at the 2015 ASCB meeting in San Diego ! 

aaron.jpgMovie 1-poster.jpg

EB1-mNeonGreen comets in C. reinhardtii revealing the dynamics of cell body microtubules (click on image).


Review on cargo transport by IFT published in TIBS.


"The Omnipresent Cilium - Structure, Signalling, and Motion"

Untitled-2.jpg(click to watch video)

Karl Lechtreck gives a paper at the 5th International caesar Conference on cilia.




September 25: visiting Barrow Elementary School for science classes

Celebrating US-Mexican Friendship


Welcome to our new lab member Ilaria Mengoni PhD


Dr. Ilaria Mengoni joined the lab on July 27.  Ilaria received her PhD from the University of Bologna studying the role of Apolipoprotein E in brain function.

High in the mountains: FASEB conference on the "Biology of Cilia and Flagella" July 19-24, Snowmass, CO.

Co scenics Rapid Image 2015 (12).jpgDSC_0174.jpg

Most lab members (Julie Craft, Aaron Harris, Karl Lechtreck, and Peiwei Liu) participated in the FASEB conference; Karl Lechtreck presented a summary of the labs research, Julie Craft and Aaron Harris presented posters.

Riding the IFT train: White water rafting on the Colorado River.


June 22: Batare Okivie moves on.


After a year in the lab, Batare Okivie leaves for Drexel Univesity, College of Medicine, pre-medical program, Philadephia. But not before having a farewell party and beiing celebrated for excellent lab work.  Her pet project, assembly and transport of radial spokes, will be taken over by Karl Lechtreck and Dr. Ilaria Mengoni. 

Lab-outing to the UGA Marine Institut, Sapelo Island, GA (May 6-8)




Together with the Gaertig lab (Jacek Gaertig, Mayukh Guha, Yuyang 'Patrick' Jiang, Panagiotta Louka) and students from the Eggenschwiler lab (Ashley Snouffer, Jonathon Walsh)

we visited the UGA Marine Institute on Sapelo Island for a 3-day science retreat.  Presentations by graduate studetns, postdocs,and technicians were mixed with beach time, bike rides, and cooking.


Gordon Research Conference on Cilia, Mucus, and Mucociliary Interactions


Just published:


Craft, J.M., Harris, J.A., Hyman, S., Kner, P., and Lechtreck, K.-F. (2015). Tubulin Transport by IFT is Upregulated during Ciliary Growth by a Cilium-autonomous Mechanism. J. Cell Biol. 208:223-37

The work will be highlighted by a JCB biosights video on January 19, 2015.


Great news: Julie Craft's paper on tubulin transport has been accepted by the Journal of Cell Biology.

Julie Craft and Aaron Harris presented their work on tubulin transport at this years ASCB meeting in Philadelphia.


Karl Lechtreck presented at CILIA2014 in Paris.



Sebastian Hyman heads of to Mercer University School of Medicine



(after handing the golden pipette over to Batare Okivie, receiving his reward, possing one last time with his Joels. Gone but not forgotten.)

16th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas, June 8 - 13, 2014, Asilomar CA



Julie Craft presenting her work on tubulin transport in flagella


Welcome to our summer students


Heather Bomberger (Virginia Tech) and Aachi Kalra (Northview High School, Johns Creek, GA) spend the summer in the lab on research interships. 

Heather Bomberger, a sophomore in Biological Systems Engineering and minoring in Scieneering, participates in the NSF-sponsored REU program “Interdisciplinary Research Experience of Nanotechnology and Biomedicine” at UGA. Her project "Quantitative Analysis of Intraflagellar Protein Transport” is co-mentored by Dr. Peter Kner from UGA's College of Engineering.

Aachi Kalra participates in UGA's Young Dawgs programm, a high school internship program designed to prepare high-achieving high school juniors and seniors for post-secondary education and future careers in their areas of interest.  Aachi Kalra is interested in biomedicine; during her intership she will rescue the ift54-1 mutant using a GFP-tagged IFT54 transgene.


Congratulations !


Fiona Bell and Deep Patel, the first undergraduates to join the lab in 2012, have graduated.




Our lab in the 6th floor annex of the Biological Science Building, built in a former green house.