Monday, November 2, 2020 - 8:33pm

Marci Cottingham (University of Amsterdam;, Rebecca Erickson (University of Akron;, and Matthew Lee (Harvard University; developing a new co-edited book project, tentatively titled, “Transcending Crisis: Emotions, Carework, and Human Flourishing.” 


The proposed volume will cover recent empirical research and policy-driven practices from across the globe. We aim to locate collective and individual emotions in the context of acute and persistent crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and structural violence. In addition to addressing the challenges faced by careworkers, stakeholders, and systems, our book goes beyond the more commonly explored negative emotionand pervasive systemic problems to include examples of compassion, resilience, productive collaboration, joy, and human flourishing. We recognize carework in both professional (health care; criminal justice; education), as well as informal and family settings. Our volume will explore similarities and differences in how these contexts shape carework in light of collective threats and crises. As the book title implies, we are especially interested in transformational dynamics that inspire hope and lead to positive change.  


We are open to a variety of methodologies and disciplinary (or interdisciplinary) approaches, including qualitative case studies, quantitative research using self-report and/or official data, historical analyses, and so forth. We expect the volume to be of greatest interest to sociologists, emotion scholars, and scholars in a variety of empirical disciplines with interests in supra-individual analyses of crises, carework, and/or human flourishing. We anticipate delivering the final manuscript to the publisher (Routledge) within 12 to 15 months of receiving approval for our proposal.

We welcome chapter proposals that contribute to one of the following sections in the proposed book: “Collective Emotions and Public Responses to Crisis” and “Crisis Carework: Emotion Practices in Contexts of Threat.”  Interested authors can send an abstract (250 words) of their proposed chapter to Marci Cottingham ( by March 31, 2021When sending an abstract, note which section your chapter addresses (collective emotions or crisis carework).