Current Section Officer (2016-2017)

Past Chair:  Karen Hegtvedt, Emory University

Chair:   Amy Wilkins, University of Colorado, Boulder

Chair Elect:  Jessica Collett, University of Notre Dame

Council:   Jessica Leveto, Kent State University

                 Seth Abrutyn,  University of Memphis

                 Alicia Cast, University of California-Santa Barbara

Secretary Treasurer: Susan Fisk, Kent State

Student Member:  Annalise Loehr, Indianda University

Newsletter & Social MediaAmelia Blume, University of Arizona

                                          Joshua Stout, University of Delaware

Webmaster: Jun Zhao, University of Georgia


Current Section Committees (2016-2017)

Outstanding Recent Contribution Award

      Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman (chair), University of South Florida

      Kathy Charmaz, California State Sonoma

      Kim Rogers, Dartmouth College

Graduate Student Paper Award

      Clare Stacey (chair), Kent State

      Marci Cottingham, University of Amsterdam

      Christabel Rogalin, Purdue University Northwest

Nomination Committee

      Ken Kolb (chair), Furman University 

      Rebecca Erickson, University of Akron 

     Gretchen Peterson, University of Memphis

     Natalia Ruiz-Junco, Auburn University

     Melissa Sloan, University of South Florida

Publications Committee

      Amelia Blume (co-chair), University of Arizona 

     Joshua Stout (co-chair), University of Delaware

     Amy Wilkins, University of Colorado

Program Committee

      Amy Wilkins (chair), University of Colorado

    Simone Ispa-Landa, Northwestern University

Ad Hoc Membership Committee
     Amanda Gengler (chair), Wake Forest University

     Martha Copp, East Tennessee State University

    Kathryn Pranger, University of California, Davis 

    Kayla Pierce, Notre Dame

    Justin Ness, Notre Dame